types of research

Nearly every study we conduct involves some level of exploring motivations and typologies. So often, these provide new ways of looking at your marketplace and your customers. While the objectives, products, people and topics change from project to project, our passion for research and drive to discover the emotional drivers does not.


Brainstorming is one of the best research tools for generating ideas. It is highly effective way to hear about new product ideas or new solutions to current problems. Customers build on each other's ideas in the group setting and creativity is spontaneous. Brainstorming isn't necessarily about developing the ideas but about free-thinking in an atmosphere where respondents are comfortable to offer any and all thoughts.

Brainstorming is an effective tool with customers but also for use internally. It fosters teamwork and will strengthen your team in addition to generating great ideas. We have conducted on-site brainstorming sessions with clients on topics such as message generation, branding and positioning.