types of research

Nearly every study we conduct involves some level of exploring motivations and typologies. So often, these provide new ways of looking at your marketplace and your customers. While the objectives, products, people and topics change from project to project, our passion for research and drive to discover the emotional drivers does not.

buying / decision making process

The goal of process research is to understand the steps people go through from start to finish. In a Buying Process study with patients, for example, we explore origination of symptoms, to diagnosis, treatment decisions, brand choices and persistence. What hoops do sufferers have to jump through and what obstacles are erected along the way? In Process Exploration, the goal is to identify what you can do to remove the barriers or shorten the journey to your brand. We explore the expressways, the detours and landmines customers pass along the way. The final result is a set of visual "maps" that depict the key ways people move through the process to your brand.