our toolbox

Pinnacle Research Group has taken traditional research tools and improved on them. All of our methodologies provide a depth of insight that can only be achieved with psychologically-oriented research and psychologically-trained researchers. In order to provide our clients with a rich, dynamic understanding of your marketplace, we custom design your study with the best blend of the methodological tools available.

We can't predict where learning will come from. Hybrid studies and blending methodologies or audiences allows for even greater opportunity for insight.

depth interviews

Our core methodology is the in-depth interview in all its permutations: the dyad, triad, friend interviews, mother/child, couples, families, etc.

Our interviews provide a thorough understanding of attitudes, awareness and behavior. Our depth interviews are truly more like psychoanalysis in action where respondents gain insight into their own behavior as we go through the interview. Starting broadly and continually working toward the specific, we accompany your target audience down the path toward deeper feelings and emotions than are ever achieved with traditional research.