our toolbox

Pinnacle Research Group has taken traditional research tools and improved on them. All of our methodologies provide a depth of insight that can only be achieved with psychologically-oriented research and psychologically-trained researchers. In order to provide our clients with a rich, dynamic understanding of your marketplace, we custom design your study with the best blend of the methodological tools available.

We can't predict where learning will come from. Hybrid studies and blending methodologies or audiences allows for even greater opportunity for insight.

ethnographic research

Ethnographic research is cultural anthropology applied to the world of market research. We are able to observe subjects in their natural habitat (aka, the home or workplace) and the familiar setting enhances our in-depth discussions. This approach allows us to more fully understand and explore how respondents feel, perceive, experience and if necessary, interact with others regarding the topic.

We have been conducting ethnographic research for over twenty years. In our arsenal, it has always been more than just a trendy methodological tool. Our reason for conducting interviews in the respondents’ setting is simple: the unconscious is more accessible when respondents are comfortable.

Furthermore, ethnography adds depth to the learnings when we are able to explore the emotional connection with their environment. This is particularly important when exploring issues such as the home decorator’s connection with the home, the family cook’s relationship with the kitchen or the do-it-yourselfer’s relationship with their workshop and their power tools.

As the client, you have the rare opportunity to truly get a glimpse at the inner workings of the world of your target audience.