the unconscious mind

PINNACLE RESEARCH GROUP is passionately committed to research and to your project. We possess a unique expertise at digging deep below the surface to explore underlying attitudes/core motivations and how these impact behavior. We will take you far beyond your current level of understanding of your customers to the place pure insight resides.

The human mind functions on a conscious and unconscious level. The conscious mind is where our rational thoughts live. We are fully aware of them and it is where we reach first in an effort to explain our behavior and decisions. However, the unconscious mind is where pure insight exists. It is the home of the unexpressed, the implicit and the emotional. This is where the vast reservoir of beliefs, fears, associations and attitudes exist that impact how and why we do what we do. Our rational thoughts are subject to our unconscious mind whether we like it or not. We are often unaware of the perceptions and thoughts floating in the unconscious mind but as psychological researchers, we know how uncover and understand them.

It is human nature to rationalize our behavior and to struggle finding the words to describe our connections and associations. So often we don’t even know why we do what we do. Our intuitive probing avoids and overcomes rational roadblocks.

Often, we utilize imagery and metaphors to circumvent a respondent’s best effort to stay grounded in the conscious and the rational. Whether a collage that respondents prepare as homework or mood board or psychological drawing they create in the moment, these techniques help unlock the unconscious mind and provide the rich insights you and your brand need.