our toolbox

Pinnacle Research Group has taken traditional research tools and improved on them. All of our methodologies provide a depth of insight that can only be achieved with psychologically-oriented research and psychologically-trained researchers. In order to provide our clients with a rich, dynamic understanding of your marketplace, we custom design your study with the best blend of the methodological tools available.

We can't predict where learning will come from. Hybrid studies and blending methodologies or audiences allows for even greater opportunity for insight.

projective techniques

We frequently supplement the learnings from our qualitative probing with projective techniques. These techniques never replace solid, intuitive probing. Instead, they enhance the clarity and vibrancy of the findings. These techniques may be assignments that respondents prepare ahead of time such as diaries or collages. They could also take the form of exercises that we conduct during the course of the interview, such as mood boards or psychological drawings to tap into the unconscious mind.

But why use alternative techniques? They aren’t used to put on a show for the back room but rather:

  • When memories and language are not readily accessible
  • Emotions & images are right-brained responses. Straight questions give you rational answers.
  • A significant portion of decision-making is unconscious. Projectives allow respondents to articulate things they couldn't or wouldn't otherwise.
  • To circumvent the "well-meaning" respondent
  • To provide rich, juicy details which becomes a springboard for great for advertising

Projective Techniques are always selected in conjunction with you and designed specifically for the objectives of your project.