types of research

Nearly every study we conduct involves some level of exploring motivations and typologies. So often, these provide new ways of looking at your marketplace and your customers. While the objectives, products, people and topics change from project to project, our passion for research and drive to discover the emotional drivers does not.

psychographic research

Our researchers are very conceptual thinkers and frequently, personas, typologies and archetypes are part of the final deliverable. The result is a thorough model, grounded in reality, which reflects the deeper motivations and emotional perceptions of your target audience. These perceptions ultimately impact their decisions, their relationships and their acceptance of products and brands. Another benefit to in-depth, emotional psychographic exploration is that your brand team gets a first-hand perspective into life of your customers. This perspective will continue to serve as a solid foundation as you move your brand forward.

There is no easy way to predict what the final output will look like prior to getting out into the field. The findings of the research drive the design of models, our reports and presentations. There are no standard solutions at Pinnacle Research Group.