types of research

Nearly every study we conduct involves some level of exploring motivations and typologies. So often, these provide new ways of looking at your marketplace and your customers. While the objectives, products, people and topics change from project to project, our passion for research and drive to discover the emotional drivers does not.

sales force excellence

Companies do research every day of every year to better understand who they serve and why customers make the choices they do. Your Sales Force is the direct link to your customers and is often an overlooked research subject. The key objectives of a Sales Force Excellence study are:

  1. To determine the characteristics that make for a great sales force and more importantly, be able to identify those within an individual.
  2. To use those learnings to enhance the development of current members & facilitate hiring future sales people who are destined for greatness.
  3. To shed light on why current trends in sales occur and why sales force behavior exists as it does.
  4. To expand their comfort zone and optimize the territory.