your team

The people you deal with from a project management standpoint are the same people out there conducting the research, interacting with customers and making sure your objectives are met. Since success in this business is built on intellectual property, we'd like to introduce a few members of our core team:



Tanya has over 20 years of research accomplishments ranging from developing and testing winning communications strategies for leading advertising agencies to formulating and directing research studies for the world's foremost multinational corporations.

A seasoned psychological researcher, she has a proven track record of identifying motivations, perceptions and attitudes, and turning those findings into actionability. Tanya is an insightful interviewer, writer, and editor. She is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Prior to returning to the Midwest in 1997 and starting Pinnacle Research Group in 2002, Tanya managed a leading market research firm on the East Coast for more than ten years.


Director of Research

Dennis has a research background that now spans 14 years. He is our resident technology expert, and a professional website designer as well. He has handled projects as diverse as power tools and HDTV to dental implants and biotechnology. His "low-key" style immediately puts respondents at ease and sets the stage for his skilled in-depth probing.

Dr. Therese

Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Chaveaux-Turnbull is currently in private practice in St. Louis and has extensive counseling experience under her belt. She is highly skilled at helping respondents feel comfortable, open up and get the depth of information we are seeking. She also specializes in questionnaire design and statistical analysis.

Dr. Lauren

Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Brewer has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and is an expert in behavioral research. Her strength lies in her ability to apply psychological theories to our in-depth findings to further enhance your understanding of customers.